As an experienced partner of many municipal urban planning and building authorities and companies as well as book and journalistic publishers, we have been working as an aerial photography company throughout the Federal Republic of Germany and beyond since 2003.

With decades of experience, well thought-out, high-resolution recording systems (Nikon Z7 with a resolution of 45 megapixels and DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ with 20 megapixels) and the professional mastery of modern, electronic image processing (Photoshop in its current version) my team and I can offer you high-quality images at a reasonable price.

Why aerial photography?

Aerial photography is still one of the most fascinating images available. Looking at your hometown, your company or your own property from a bird's-eye view captivates the eye under any circumstances. Customers, visitors and friends will be naturally fascinated. Aerial photographs are a good way of attracting and focusing attention, especially in a modern world flooded by stimuli.

The altered, unusual perspective also allows insights that often remain hidden from the normal observer. Objects, building ensembles, places or landscapes are often discovered for the first time from a distance and are seen from above in a completely different way. New insights are gained and things are seen in a larger context.

Many municipalities, authorities and companies use this advantage. Cities and municipalities use up-to-date aerial photographs, for example, to reduce the amount of inspections made by their building authorities or to make citizens' meetings more interesting and informative. Commercial, new construction or conversion areas can be better documented and sold with attractive aerial photographs on the Internet or in brochures. Urban development and conversion is an important issue for us. Authorities and companies illustrate brochures, catalogues, annual and business reports as well as internet presentations with aerial photos.

Again and again we hear that it makes no sense to have aerial photos taken "in times of Google Earth". However, this competitor, who we often use to plan our aerial surveys and have great respect for, never has the timeliness and flexibility that we can provide with our targeted aerial surveys. The advantage of Google Earth lies in its comprehensive globalism, the advantage of Nürnberg Luftbild lies in up-to-datedness, individuality, the considerably higher resolution and image quality.

Aerial photographs are also important testimonials for archives, real estate owners and local historians, which become more and more valuable over the years. Every city and museum is grateful to have historical aerial photographs. Perhaps we should remember that the aerial photographs taken today are not just important for us but for future generations too. With this in mind, every aerial photograph of Nuremberg contains precise information about the date and time of the photograph.

We would be happy to fulfill all your aerial photo wishes.  Just give us a call, e-mail us or leave a short message on our contact page. You will find all address details in the impress.

Nürnberg Luftbild
Hajo Dietz

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