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The aerial photographer Hajo Dietz, born in Nuremberg in 1958, graduated from the Waldorf School in his hometown with a degree in design. Whilst studying, he also acquired knowledge of photographic-technical basics and later extended his understanding through autodidactic studies in portrait and architectural photography.

From childhood he was enthusiastic about flying, and in 1990 he gained his first experience in aerial photography. Initially, he had a fear of heights but the view from above exerted a strong fascinating pull on him from the start. After many flights in ever more open aircraft, his fear finally dissolved into passion and hundreds of thousands of aerial photographs were the result. 

The breakthrough came for Hajo Dietz with digital photography. With the fantastic possibility to compensate for atmospheric image errors on the computer, the image author could continually optimize his skills using self-developed techniques. The result is a brilliant, razor sharp yet very natural aerial photograph, which belies the long and elaborate processing stages.

Since 2004, Hajo Dietz has been working as an independent aerial photographer. Initially, he was engaged mostly in southern Germany but since 2011 he has been working nationwide. He supplies aerial photographs to city planners, building authorities, companies and advertising agencies. He also supplies aerial images for book and calendar publishers and in journalistic circles.  

Always technically up to date, Hajo Dietz has been working with two Nikon Z7s which have a resolution of 45 megapixels since June 2019. Our drones of choice are two DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ with a resolution of 20 megapixels.

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